The Salvation Army Advisory Boards

The Salvation Army Advisory Boards

The Crucial Role of The Advisory Board

Advisory Boards provide valuable assistance and advice that help us advance and continue the operations of The Salvation Army. Local community leaders volunteer their efforts to help the Army in maintaining good business and professional relations.



Local advisory boards review annual budgets, help coordinate programs with other agencies, and provide advice for local activities and fund- raising campaigns. Other advisory organizations serve specific Salvation Army programs in similar ways. A National Advisory Board, for instance, provides guidance for programs and services throughout the United States.


Christopher Passero, Chair

LeGrand Kirk, Immediate Past Chair

Chuck Armbruster, Vice Chair

Julie Fowler, Secretary


Mark Almeter

Timothy D. Boldt, Esq.                                                                                                         

David Brogan                                                                                                   

Frank Buono                                                                                                    

Stephen Cassidy                                                                                                              

Louis D’Amato, Esq

Geoffrey B. Feltner                                                                                        

Richard Gianforti, Jr.

David Hanlon

Lamonze Hunter, Jr.

Kevin Kalvitis

Ebony T. Miller-Wesley

Daisy Rivera Algarin

Mark Shortino

Timothy Tindall

Megan Thisse O’ Gara



  Emeritus & Life Members 

Richard Mengel, Life Member

James Townsend, Emeritus Member

Mary Worboys-Turner, Emeritus Member