Hunger Relief

Are You Hungry? Have You Eaten Today?

The Salvation Army provides hot meals year-round for anyone in need.

Food Pantry

No one in the community should have to go hungry. Americans with lower household incomes are much more likely to have ever experienced a lack of shelter, as well as a need to request assistance or food from a food bank or charitable group.

Through the Emergency and Family Services program (EFS), The Salvation Army of Greater Rochester provides food and hygiene bags to those in need once every six months.

Those who come to EFS awaiting other forms of assistance, such as DSS, may also be eligible for a food voucher every two weeks until their public assistance begins.


Community Feeding Programs

The food pantry is not the only way that The Salvation Army of Greater Rochester adrresses the plight of hunger...

The Corps officer at our Liberty Pole Way Center for Worship and Service has institued a street outreach program that brings food, clothing, toiletries and spiritual aid to those in need where they live. Using The Salvation Army's emergency disaster vehicle, known as a canteen, the Envoy is able to serve the masses that are unable to request help at this time and begin to make change happen in their lives. 

At the start of the holiday season, we muster our forces and hold a community Thanksgiving dinner. Held at all three of our locations, this meal provides for those who not only may be looking to combat hunger but also those looking to combat lonliness with the fellowship that comes from sharing a meal.

During the warmer months, The Salvation Army of Greater Rochester has partnered with Foodlink as a distribution site for the Mobile Pantry. Twice a month, from May through October, the Mobile Pantry will be stationed at the Northwest Center for Worship and Service where Salvation Army staff and volunteers will distribute food to those who need a hand up to help their families.