Join Our Army

Come Join Our Army

Leading You Into A Closer Relationship With God

Who introduced you to Jesus? When was your first moment in a Salvation Army Corps? I bet you remember those who showed you the way.

Maybe you were down on your luck and struggling with life. Maybe you needed something higher to believe in. Or just maybe you were born into Biblical faith but you were looking for a new house of worship. It doesn't matter. As Galatians 3:28 reminds us, we are all one in Christ.



How many people are lost, or merely looking for a new way to positively connect and perhaps invite the Holy Spirit into their lives? There are more than you may think.

Every Sunday, thousands of Christians around the world gather in praise of our Savior. Salvationists often congregate even more often. Just as life’s daily demands do not stop, the opportunities to join in celebration of Christ are unending. Share this opportunity. Illuminate the path for another as someone did for you back then. Heed the call and invite all of God’s children to come join our Army.