Support the Army Through a Partnership

Partnerships: Support the Army through a corporate partnership/

The Salvation Army of Greater Rochester is truly blessed by the friendship and support of our carefully selected partners in our community.

Some of these partners work with us to create new funding opportunities that support vital services, programs and events for those in need. With public requests for assistance increasing, the financial support and goods donated by such partners make an immense difference in the level of care we are able to provide.

Other partners work alongside us in times of crisis to serve immediate human needs following floods, fires and other disasters. They also help with our day-to-day efforts to uplift at-risk communities in need of various social services and programs.

Partnering With The Salvation Army

Our partners are crucial to the support of our Mission and our ability to keep our promise: doing the most good, to serve the most people, in the most need.

If your company or organization would like to help The Salvation Army provide greater assistance to disadvantaged families, contact us today.