24/7 Prayer

The Salvation Army 24/7 Prayer

Highlighting The Importance of Prayer

24-7 is a non-stop prayer meeting across many nations and Christian traditions. Participating groups pledge to pray 24-hour-a-day in a fixed location for anything between a week and a month, and then they “carry the baton of prayer” for that period.

The prayer-meeting flows between locations linked by the World Wide Web. Right now, someone somewhere is praying as part of the 24-7 prayer project.

The United Kingdom Mission Team first launched a year of prayer at the 2001 Roots Conference in May 2001. Attendance exceeded 3,600 people, and over 1,500 people passed through the 24-7 prayer room during the 4-day conference. At one point, at 12.30 a.m., there were over 150 Salvationists of all ages in the prayer room, praying.

During the first year of the 24-7 prayer project (May 4, 2001-May 3, 2002), over 200 Salvation Army Corps and community service centers were involved, including Corps from Australia, South Africa, Sweden, Russia and Canada.

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