Ways We Help In Our Community

The Salvation Army’s social service ministry seeks to meet human need in Christ’s name; to alleviate human suffering, and to promote wholeness by addressing the spiritual, social, emotional, psychological and physical well-being of those served.

Believing that caring is an expression of Christian love, it strives to empower people by helping those served assemble and discover choices. It bases its services on community needs, and works collaboratively with others in addressing those needs. 

Social Services & Programs Provided by The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army’s social service programs vary slightly and are based on the needs of each community. We believe that helping others creates hope for a better tomorrow. The Salvation Army labors 24-7 to continue fulfilling its promise of Doing the Most Good.

Always a helping hand in times of need, The Salvation Army offers a variety of free temporary shelters and feeding services to homeless people of all ages. Men, women, children, and families take refuge in Salvation Army Shelters throughout America. There are presently 618 such shelters worldwide with four of these shelters here in Rochester:

  • Booth Haven which serves homeless men.
  • Genesis House serving homeless youth, aged 16-20.
  • Hope House, serving homeless women and their young children.
  • Safe Haven houses the chronically homeless.

The Salvation Army of Greater Rochester also serves the community through our Emergency and Family Services Program (EFS) in which we provide immediate emergency help such as food, clothing and prescription assistance to household in crisis. Through EFS, counseling and case management services offer families holistic long term support.

The spiritual foundation of The Salvation Army lies in its Worship and Service Centers, also known as Corps. Rochester has three Corps: Temple, Northwest and our oldest location; Liberty Pole Way which has been in operation since 1939.


Throughout the year, The Salvation Army is there to provide a warm meal and some comfort to those less fortunate to help them get back on their feet.