Pathway of Hope: Little Successes Add Up

Oct 7, 2021

Against All Odds, Hope Prevails

Homelessness, murder, abandonment. Charlotte beat the odds by celebrating the little victories. 


Charlotte grew up in Atlanta. At a young age, her father was murdered by her mother and the family was estranged. Charlotte moved in with her grandmother and had little to no contact with her mother. In her early teenage year, Charlottes grandmother started showing signs of Alzheimer's. By age 15, her grandmother's Alzheimer's was so advanced she wasn't able to care for Charlotte anymore. Charlotte ended up living under bridges as a young teenager in the metro Atlanta area. 

Fast forward a few years and Charlotte met a man whom she moved to Upstate New York with. A few children and a miscarriage later, the pair's problems became too much and Charlotte's husband left her and the children. 

Charlotte's troublesome past led to a period in her life where she found herself in some legal trouble. After her husband left, Charlotte knew she needed to do better. She got herself together and has been compliant with probation. During this time, Charlotte connected with Pathway of Hope and was able to find the support she needed. 

"Charlotte NEVER asks for help," said Kayla, Charlotte's case manager. "She always says everything is fine but Charlotte is like a younger sister to me and I know to check in on her weekly." These weekly check-ins provide an outlet for Charlotte to vent and take a breath. They also allow for her case manager to find areas she can support Charlotte and help her reach her goals. 

Reinforcing how far Charlotte has come has been key to keeping her positive. She survived an extremely traumatic childhood, being homeless, abandoned by her husband and father of her children, losing a child, and she still keeps pushing forward. 

Charlotte is living proof of why Pathway of Hope is so important. It provides support, encouragement, and access to resources to help people achieve their goals despite everything working against them. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact your local Salvation Army Community Center. 

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